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Hello, its been 1 month since I've updated my blog OTL

aah so today, we got the results of our finals, All of my marks were pretty good~ ahaha Im so happy!
TvT now, uni life would be much different than high school, I gotta prepare my self mentally lol..


so.. here is some dump~!! ★

-ECOOOOO-TAAAAAAAN!! My current Fav Character and Fav Mangaaa (+C: Sword and Cornett) I love this character so much!, He's very mysterious, you cant even know whether he's a good or a bad guy ; - ; .. will love him either way ufufu~ -- not too mention he's pretty handsom.. u///u

Eco-tan doodle

-Eva, its been a while since I've drawn her----WHY DOES SHE LOOK SO CHUBBY HERE?? ((she must have been eating too much chocolate againn--/shot OTL))

crazy eva

-I've recently joined this RP group in DA (Hoshizora-High), with my Character Hikaru.. here is a sketch of her two brothers, one is a soccer player(the oldest) and the other is a tennis player.

Hikarus bros

-jdfhkjs and I have seen alot of people redrawing their old art, I wanted to do sooo......
Eva incarnatus spring uniform copyIm the boss remake eva
I cant see so much improvement OTL only embarrasing art OTTTLLLLLLLLLL

Thank you for reading~!! ♥

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