Drawr Dump | 2 |

Drawr is really fun, I've drawing on it yesterday--
Im starting to get the hang of it--

idk, random characters.... ||| the guy look really creepy OTL

More Ecooo

Ao No Exorcist



Izumo (my Favorite girl character in the manga)


Note to self:
+Draw pictures with black/different Backgrounds
+Draw more full body
+different poses/positions

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No title

Ah Wantan,it's riritto here!
I didn't visit your blog for a while,and now I see BUNCH OF BEAUTIFUL pictures and many updates omg////
Your drawr pics are so awsome,especially the colouring<3
I can't use drawr to safe my life Oh God,someone should give me their skills/// orz

Btw that creeper guy looks so damn unique'n cool! * v * )bb
Love the first character and Eva!

Re: No title

Ririiiiiiii~! ☆
lmao yess--- I sure did update alot OTL
I bet you'll do much better than me if you try! 8'DDDDD-- but thank you ♥
TvT yooou doo?!-- Im glaad ; - ;

Random comment

Love it! °-° What's with those random characterS? They are sooo cuuuute >w< And well...AnE and +C rock like hell...as always >///>
Hemingway...I really love your Izumo x) May I know how could you draw that pose? :) My heart is *doki doki*ing just by looking at Izu's serious face *_*
And well...Eva is really a beauty *w* I love her eyes...they have some fresh feeling to them <3
Oh...did you use drawr? Oo Mein gott....I will never be able to color with drawr as you do XDD Wait...I cant even color on SAI o_o /PAN/

Anyway...rflmaooo XDD We have the same layout xDD You sure love sweets °-°

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